Frequently Asked Questions

what do I get with the sitting fee?

The sitting fee is a non-refundable retainer that ensures you a spot on my calendar for your initial in-person consultation, your photo session date itself in my private studio, and our ordering/gallery reveal session after that! This also includes professional hair and makeup, access to my client closet, creating your inspiration/mood board, taking your photos, and the time I spend culling and editing afterwards. 

are there any pictures included with the sitting fee?

No physical or digital products are included in the sitting fee. I offer a full service experience, which means I don’t want to just email you photos and not see your face when you look at your images. I believe in giving the highest quality products and professional experience I can offer. Photography is an investment; I believe the images from your session should be displayed and treasured for years and years to come. This is why I want to sit down with you after your session, look through your gallery and help you pick out the images you love via my print products and collections I have to offer.

what happens during a gallery reveal?

1-2 weeks after your photo session you’ll come to my studio and watch a short video of my favorite images from your session, then I’ll take you to your gallery to show you all your beautiful images! I also have samples of the various products that I offer, so you can see what you're purchasing. This is your chance to pick out your favorite portraits, make any notes on what you want the final edits to look like, and place your order! 

what if I really want digital images too?

For each print ordered, I give a matching web-sized digital image for online sharing. High resolution digital images with a print release are also available in my a la carte options or in certain collections. That way you can share your images online or your S.O. can have your photos as their phone wallpaper!

so how much are your prints and collections?

Specific pricing for my prints and various collections will be discussed at our consultation, but I can give you a quote upon request!


couldn’t I just get digital images and make my own copies at Walmart etc. for much cheaper?

When ordering prints, you aren't just paying for the paper and what it costs me to order it, you're paying for the artwork on the paper. I spend hours before each session getting to know my clients and putting together a mood board/shot list, to ensure that each session is unique and memorable for the person I’m photographing. Each image is catered to YOU and deserves to be displayed in the best way possible. While you could order only digital images, I highly encourage ordering prints through me and my professional lab. It's less work for you and it guarantees that your images will look their absolute best and no quality will be lost (which happens in many cases at local print shops like Wal-Mart, Walgreens etc.) Plus, many of the collections I offer include digital images anyways, so why not get the best of both worlds if you can?

do you offer payment plans for your print collections?

Yes I do! I understand we all have our own budgets. For those wanting to work their portrait investment into their monthly budgets, I offer up to a 4 month payment plan, I just ask for a minimum of $400 of your total print order at ordering, and then we can customize a payment plan that works best for you.