details about my life

Hey! I'm Jessika and if I could be anywhere in the world it would be on top of a mountain, with the wind in my hair. I’m based in Kansas City, but I’m always packing my bags for a wild adventure! I love discovering small, hipster coffee shops in every town. In the epic battle of pizza vs. tacos...PIZZA wins hands down! (Though my husband would disagree) Most days you can find me cuddling my 4 dogs and watching Fraiser, Law & Order or Friends. I really enjoy yoga, but I'm still working on reaching my toes. I've lived in Washington, California and Missouri, can you guess which one is my's a hint, Mt.Rainier! I love minimal, boho, adventurous, and authentic life moments.

Enough about me, I want to know about YOU! Scroll down to find out my approach and say hey!

my approach

I want to be your storyteller. I want you to look back on your photos and not only see an image, but have a memory attached to it. I want to photograph you and your kids running through a field, and the intimate moments between you and your spouse. I want those end of the session cuddles. I want those booty grabs your spouse gives you when they think no one is looking. This isn’t the vibe for everyone, but if you want those untamed and in between moments documented, I’m the photographer for you! Those moments are real, authentic and the ones you will remember. If this sounds like your jam then please introduce yourself.

travel schedule

It’s no secret traveling is dear to my heart. This travel schedule is based on current bookings and my own adventures. Make sure to check back often, as I update it when new trips arise. When I'm not traveling you can find me in Kansas City MO. Don’t forget to check out my bucket list locations below. If you want your session in one of those locations contact me about a special!


January 8-16 // San Diego, CA

February 10-14 // Colorado Springs

May 23-26 // White Sands, Jamaica

September 19th-26th// San Diego, CA

September 27th-October 8th // Italy & Austria


Sand Dunes National Park CO

Rocky Mountain National Park CO

Yosemite National Park CA

Channel Islands National Park, CA

Sequoia National Park CA

Joshua Tree National Park CA

Grand Teton National Park WY

Yellowstone National Park MT/WY

Glacier National Park MT

Zion National Park UT

Bryce Canyon National Park UT

Olympic National Park WA

Mt. Rainier National Park WA

Denali National Park AK

Glacier Bay National Park AL

Banff National Park Canada

Grand Canyon National Park AZ

Crater Lake National Park OR

Mystic Hot Springs, UT

Big Sur, CA